DagCo Electronics

The Industry Leader in Broadcast Audio

With more than 12 years of experience, DagCo Electronics is an industry leader specializing in FM Transmitters, FM antennas, FM Broadcast cables, audio cables and splitters, broadcast cable adapters, and FM transmitter accessories. We use only the finest components and the latest construction technologies to optimize broadcast audio performance in your designated application.

When you choose us as your expert source for broadcast audio, you not only receive the highest quality products, but you receive personalized technical support. Whether you’re a direct consumer, reseller, or distributor, you’ll appreciate our hands-on service that continues long after you’ve received your order.

Due to COVID-19, we are doing our best to continue getting inventory of the BEST Transmitters available in the U.S I sell on multiple sales platforms. It is hard to account for inventory. Rest assured, you will get your items as soon as I get them. We recommend that you order now, and call or message later for an ETA. Feel free to call or text after buying or with questions 260-255-6622.

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