What is DAGCO Electronics?

eBay User ID dadagers began in the basement of my home in Indiana in October 2007. A hobby of selling on the Internet through eBay was formed as a result of drop-shipping Logitech Harmony 550 Remotes one-by-one from InfotelDistributors.com from October 2007 to June 2008. A sudden price and increased competition caused my remote sales to cease, but my hobby of Internet sales turned to a passion for serving people all over the world! At the same time I had just completed my dream bar and man-cave in that very same basement and my research efforts had turned to whole house audio. I had the simple goal of having both sides of my basement, my outdoor speakers, and the main level of my house all be able to hear the same music and was willing to spend and do whatever it took to accomplish this task. I soon discovered that there was no reasonable or even feasible way to be able to get all of these speakers through one receiver and that I had to seek out a wireless option. I soon discovered the SONOS brand and had it in my cart, credit card in hand, and was prepared to spend $1,000 to $1,500 to get it to work in my application. However, I failed to get my wife’s permission and figured I had better be able to convince her that the most reasonable solution. Moments later I discovered the Mobile BlackBox V6000 and within weeks my brother and I had 39 to sell and 1 for personal use! The Mobile BlackBox V6000 was a $100 solution and I soon realized the beauty of FM transmission! By August I bought my brother’s share of the inventory out and by Christmas 2008 I partnered with HLLY Electronics in Hong Kong and began selling the RangeStar 500 mW FM Transmitter and the current day DAGCO Electronics was born. I still am using my original RangeStar 500 mW FM Transmitter 24/7/365 and have only briefly turned it off while testing other products!

What We Do?

Because of our passion for wireless whole house audio, our willingness to offer low project costs, and because our focus is on offering REAL SOLUTIONS, GUARANTEED, we’ve quickly become the leading experts in our field. We use only the finest components and the latest construction technologies to optimize performance in your designated application.

When you choose us as your expert source, you not only receive the highest quality products, but you receive PERSONALIZED TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Whether you’re a direct consumer, reseller, or distributor, you’ll appreciate our hands-on service that continues long after you’ve received your order.



Our goal is to expedite shipping regardless of how much you pay for shipping. Our default shipping provider is USPS and we typically ship within 24 hours of your purchase being received Monday through Saturday. We also have built our reputation on order flexibility-if you need any special accomodations, please contact us! Unlike other online firms who focus on shipping as another profit center, we at DAGCO Electronics strive to only charge what it costs us! If the cost of shipping ever seems unreasonable, let us know immediately and we will find a solution!


DAGCO Electronics accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and we do not add any credit card surcharges. In addition, we also accept USPS Money Orders-please contact us for mailing instructions. Please contact us via for additional information.


Tax-exempt customers (resellers) must submit current tax-exemption forms to DAGCO Electronics to be exempt from Indiana sales tax. Otherwise, Indiana resellers will be charged Indiana sales tax on all orders.

Sales tax is assessed to all end-user orders that are shipped to Indiana addresses.


DAGCO Electronics provides a lifetime guarantee against defects and labor on all custom and distributed cables. Warranties do not apply to damage from misuse or any consequential damages.

Other important policies include:


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, DAGCO Electronics offers a 30 day right of return on most items subject to the terms and conditions identified below.