F-S Electronics 0.5 W RangeStar Long Range FM Transmitter – Fail-Safe FSCZH-05B


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  • 500 mW RangeStar FM Transmitter Kit
  • RangeMax 2.0 Professional Grade Antenna
  • 3.5 mm Premium Grade Audio Cable
  • 25′ 50 Ohm Professional Grade N-Type Male x PL259 Male Cable
  • TNC Male to N-Type Female Adapter

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The RangeStar 500 mW Dual Mode Stereo FM Transmitter (FSCZH-05B) with 0.5 Watt or 0.1 Watt Dual Mode Capability, RCA Inputs, and TNC Antenna Connection is your answer for wireless music, audio, or voice throughout your whole house and property to any FM Radio in its path! How does it work? FM radio transmission is a proven yet complicated science and is an interesting read, but needless to say, DAGCO Electronics’ is a USA company focused on carrying the best of the best! The RangeStar is perfect for effortlessly accomplishing your mission of short-range and whole-house music applications because the RangeStar broadcasts your FM receivers rather than having to be faced with the tasks of the RangeStar’s opposition–including the tedious and expensive task of not only having to run speaker cable throughout your home or business and also having to cut holes, or having to employ Wi-Fi-based broadcasting models requiring expensive WiFi receivers, headsets, and controls. Your search stops here! The beauty of the RangeStar is not only its low net project cost, but it is its ease of assembly, its flexibility, and guaranteed results! Assembly is so easy that within 5 minutes of setup you could have your MP3 collection, your satellite music, your Christmas music, reaching everywhere in your house, everywhere on your property, and even to the cars on the road. Weighing in at 10 ounces (270 grams), measuring in at 6 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ x 2″ (15.875 cm x 8.89 cm x 5 cm), and with maximum power output of 0.5 W, the RangeStar is incredibly powerful and durable! Other uses include: Open-air broadcasting/communication: Car Shows, Fairs, Carnivals, Firework Shows, Concerts, Outdoor Events (Fishing, Marathons, Walkathons, Motorsports) Portable broadcasting: Sporting Events, Weddings, Music DJs Drive-by Broadcasting: Christmas and other Light Displays, Mobile Billboards, Home/Real Estate Sales, Scenic/Historical Informative Tours Permanent broadcasting: Churches (Hearing Disabled/Multi-Bilingual Communication, Remote Listening Solutions), Homes (broadcast your music throughout your whole house/whole yard–for real!) Businesses/Schools (communicate across long ranges, communicate/market to your customers in the parking lot) * Transmit range can be greatly affected by Antenna Tuning and Environmental Factors.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in

Gold Bundle Deal: Adds RangeMax 1.0 Antenna + 25' Amateur Grade -3D Cable, Platinum Bundle Deal: Adds RangeMax 1.0 Antenna + 25' ProGrade -7D Cable, Ultra Platinum Bundle Deal: Adds RangeMax 2.0 1/2 Wave Antenna + 25' ProGrade -7D Cable, Transmitter Kit: FSCZH-05B Transmitter + 12V 2A Power Supply + Rubber Duck Antenna