F-S Electronics RangeBooster 2.0 FM GP Antenna – Professional Grade 1/4 Wave


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DAGCO’s Professional Grade Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna will boost your transmitter’s range and performance. The RangeBooster 2.0 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna is not only a tunable FM Antenna, but it is also designed to withstand the elements with its weatherproof mountable design! You can easily tune and re-tune DAGCO’s RangeBooster 2.0 FM Transmitter Antenna in less than a minute across the FM broadcast band as many times as you want as your FM frequency needs change without cutting or trimming!!! The RangeBooster 2.0 FM antenna will outlast your FM transmitter; it is built to withstand any weather and even direct blows. Professional FM Transmitting requires professional grade transmitters, professional grade antennas, AND professional grade broadcast cable. Be sure to add your Professional Grade Cable and Broadcast Adapter below for best results or if unsure, please click on the Accessories tab to view DAGCO’s recommended cables and adapters. The quarter wave design of the RangeBooster 2.0 has been used a thousand times in antennas. The RangeBooster 2.0s design is tried and true–used by millions of communications professionals and experts for FM Radio Transmissions around the world. But no other FM Antenna can match the quality and durability of DAGCO’s RangeBooster 2.0.

DAGCO believes for the money the RangeBooster 2.0 will at least duplicate the same range as any other FM transmission antenna in typical urban settings including FM antennas that make wild claims and cost far more! However, DAGCO recommends the RangeBooster 2.0 to the professionals because it can be mounted higher and in the clear with far less expense. The sleek and lightweight design of the RangeBooster 2.0 blends with its surroundings. The RangeBooster 2.0 is DAGCO’s choice for because of its range, easy assembly, and sturdy construction and most importantly it is made in the USA in South Bend, Indiana–home of the Irish! Whether your transmitter is very low power or high power up to 150 watts, this FM antenna will work exactly as designed to give you the longest range and strongest signal. Your FM transmitter will work at its peak with this FM antenna regardless of whether it is a hobby FM transmitter such as DAGCO’s RangeStar 0.5 Watt, or a professional grade FM Transmitter like the RangeMaster 1 Watt, RangeStud 5 Watt, or the RangeStud 20 Watt. Not enough antenna? DAGCO recommends upgrading to the RangeMax Professional Grade Antenna