F-S Electronics RangeMaster X-Treme Series FM Transmitter – FCC CERTIFIED – Fail-Safe FSX-05B


RangeMaster X-Treme Kit :

  • RangeMaster X-Treme FM Transmitter
  • Power Supply
  • Reverse TNC Rubber Ducky Antenna
  • See Upgrade Option to Purchase Reverse TNC Adapter to Add an Antenna (NOT FCC COMPLIANT OPTION)

INCLUDES: TNC Reverse Thread to N-Type Female ~ Regular Thread Adapter (+0.00)



Fail-Safe X-treme Series FCC Certified Long Range FM Transmitter FSX-05B from F-S Electronics will broadcast long ranges in crystal clear stereo sound. The FSX-05B is the best of the best FM Transmitter, the game-changer, the new benchmark in the FM Transmitter Industry–to the X-treme is no longer just a phrase, it was our purpose in life for the past 4 years. Our goal was simple: make the unit Fail-Safe Compliant, but we wanted X-treme range, X-treme convenience, and X-treme durability, all while still focusing on getting FCC Certified–the X-treme Project. What resulted is the FSX-05B! It comes equipped with 3 Stereo ONLY Inputs–1-RCA Audio Input, 1-3.5 mm Audio Inputs, and 1-3.5 mm MIC Jack; user-controlled volume knobs for fast sound optimization; and brilliantly engineered reverse-thread TNC Antenna Port. Unlike the “competition” that boast to be FCC Compliant with inconvenient small wire antennas, or offer crappy rig jobs to boost their abysmal units’ range at the expense of voiding their warranty or violates issues of compliance. This one actually was designed with a convenient rubber ducky/whip antenna that has been X-tremely successful in our FSCZH-05B model. Instead of something that fits in your hand and is lightweight, we took it to the X-treme and “super-sized” it–NO TRADEOFFS! That’s right, this unit is not lightweight and is quite a bit more for your money than what the competition offers because our goal is not profit or mass production–it is X-Treme Customer Satisfaction! F-S Electronics’ goal is to offer Fail-Safe Products and Fail-Safe Service, and the FSX-05B definitely fits the mold!

Other uses include:
Open-air broadcasting/communication: Car Shows, Fairs, Carnivals, Firework Shows, Concerts, Outdoor Events (Fishing, Marathons, Walkathons, Motorsports)

Portable broadcasting: Sporting Events, Weddings, Music DJs

Drive-by Broadcasting: Christmas and other Light Displays, Mobile Billboards, Home/Real Estate Sales, Scenic/Historical Informative Tours

Permanent broadcasting: Churches (Hearing Disabled/Multi-Bilingual Communication, Remote Listening Solutions),

Homes (broadcast your music throughout your whole house/whole yard–for real!)

Businesses/Schools (communicate across long ranges, communicate/market to your customers in the parking lot)

* Transmit range can be greatly affected by Antenna Tuning and Environmental Factors.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in